Internal error... Abort: Pointer is NULL (..\cef\clienthandler.c/648)

I'm trying to play ESO and and got this massage: Internal error... Abort: Pointer is NULL (..\cef\clienthandler.c/648). I can download en patch the game(only with the installer) but nothing els. I can play ESO on my computer just fine, but that is a giant beast of a computer so I thought to play ESO in my good laptop.


Thank you for helping :D

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We have contacted our Customer support team to help you solve your issue.


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    Hi there, @wsvdyk‌. Please attempt to fix the issue by completing the following steps, depending on if you are using a Mac or a PC:

    • Navigate to the System Preferences under the Apple Menu.
    • Open up Network in System Preferences. (Usually located in the third row, third icon.)
    • Make sure the network connection with a green dot next to it is selected.
    • Click the Advanced button in the lower right corner
    • From the drop down menu, click on Proxies.
    • In the "Select a protocol to configure" list, uncheck "Auto Proxy Discovery"
    • Open Internet Explorer (even if it is not your regular web browser)
    • Open the Tools menu and select Internet Options.
    • Go to Connections tab/LAN settings
    • Uncheck “Automatically detect proxy settings” and hit OK.
    • Press OK again to confirm.
    If these do not resolve the issue, please let us know!
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    @ZOS_MichelleA try it, it didn't work. I have the same settings as my computer, the difference is that the computer it self.
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  • @ZOS_MichelleA‌ do you have any sugestion what I can do? I tried what you sayed but it didn't work
  • I have the same problem please help i have tried running as administrator
    and the internet explorer thing.
  • @omfg‌ try to start you ESO via the installer may take a few min but thats is the only way how I can play on my laptop, on my beast of a computer I can just start it
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    I have same problem. The only way i can donwnload patch is reinstall launcher every patch.
    NVm the Proxy seting thing fixed the issue for me
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  • solution is to right click the launcher "run as admin" (note the minimized win with question if you "really" wish to). Gotten this since day one and the proxy didnt help.
  • solution is to right click the launcher "run as admin" (note the minimized win with question if you "really" wish to). Gotten this since day one and the proxy didnt help.

    Thx this helped
  • Hey everyone,
    For those getting the error "ABORT: Pointer is NULL (..\cef\clienthandler.c/648)"
    Came up with a solution that worked for me. I already tried running as administrator and un-checking “Automatically detect proxy settings.” - neither worked

    1. Disable antivirus software (I was using AVG. Right click in the system tray, "Temporarily disable AVG protection," select 10 minutes.
    2. Disable windows firewall. Control panel -- system and security -- Windows firewall. Select turn windows firewall on or off Tab.
    NExt, For both private AND public network settings, select turn off windows firewall (Not recommended)

    After this I clicked the launcher up and it immediately patched. Once my game was updated to the correct version, I was then able to launch from the .exe file in program files without using the launcher.

    I recommend immediately turning your firewall and antivirus back on, and doing a scan afterward. A better solution would be to allow ESO to bypass your firewall and antivirus.

    Hopes this helps someone. It was really frustrating for me to go through.
  • omfgomfg
    I found a solution right click your desktop eso icon go to the installation folder press uninstall for some reason the game does not fully uninstall and then download the client and it should work
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