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Mac Can't Login Error 201

I was on earlier today between 5am-6am no login issues then. Logged off after getting to Reaper's March. Had just recently hit Veteran Rank 6. Went to login between 5pm-6pm and received Login Error 201. I am using MAC OSX 10.9.3. Called ESO Tech Support [Incident: 140615-011790] and one other [Incident: 140615-012504] are related. Did check for updates from launcher and also ran repair. Still having Login Error 201. Did game consultant file sent to tech support and also sent recent iMac System Profile report via email. Any and all help would be appreciated.
  • Moonraker
    Hard to give any more help really on that error which seems to be related to out of date client but if you updated correctly it should be fine. Otherwise it indicates some connection issue from the client to the service. From the Support page some more detail.

    Hopefully it's just a temporary issue in connection. Maybe worth rebooting router and Mac. Also disable all addons just to check that.
    Updated 06/05/2014 05:27 PM Published 12/27/2013 05:01 PM
    Error 201 occurs when there are general connectivity issues between a player and The Elder Scrolls Online service or when the player's game client is out of date. The most recent version of the client will now send players a pop-up message when they need to update before logging in, but older versions will simply return a 201 error message until they are updated to the current version.

    If players receive an error 201 message, they should take the following steps:

    Log out of the game completely and quit to the desktop
    Open the ESO launcher
    Click on Game Options (next to the gear icon in the middle of the launcher)
    Select Check for Updates
    Allow the update process to run to completion
    Attempt to log back in and continue playing
    If this error continues to occur, players should also take these additional steps:

    Log out of the game completely and quit to the desktop
    Wait a few minutes
    Attempt to log back in and continue playing
    As the issue is linked with connectivity, particularly after updates, it is recommended that players ensure that both their launcher and the ESO game client are added as exceptions to their firewall. Players can also check our forums here, as this error can also be linked with server maintenance on our side. Simply restarting the router/modem can also help with general connectivity issues as well.
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