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Problems with email addresses provided by apple such as .mac and .me

The reason for this being here rather than the PTS forums is that there is a greater chance that folks on this forum will have email addresses that they got from various apple programs over the years and hence might run into this problem which not everyone in the CS department seems to be aware of.

A long trouble shooting slog has determined that the sending of one time codes via email (when the client detects at log in that either your IP address or some other parameter has been tripped ) may in some cases be linked to internal anti spam tech that apple uses with their email accounts such as .mac and .me
Now in my case I have used a .mac email adders with this account since early beta with no problems and I received the code emails for both NA and EU servers with out problems, almost instant delevery as well.

When it came to the PTS though it took about 2 weeks to get access as after the usual back and forth trouble shooting dealing with email white lists and ports I was asked to provide another email address to support with no reason given so I provided a .me address that I had not used much and the problems continued with the added problem that the .me would not work with NA and EU.... WHICH did work with .mac

until I got msg from our CS person for this forum section telling me about the problem and telling me to submit a non apple provided email adders to the CS person with my ticket ID# this I did last Friday and it was changed early AM today and the code mail was dully received and used... All fixed

All I can add is the apple mail used STMPE and the one that is working is a POP mail server
  • Moonraker
    I have a new issue trying to log to the ESO Account page using my .me.com email address I have used since beta and worked fine whenever the router reset itself etc. with the code arriving usually within seconds.

    However since about 5 days ago being the last time i attempted to access the Account page with the same email address I no longer receive the code.

    I tried clicking text to get one sent again and nothing. Cleared cache and all normal things.

    I rarely ever get spam via Apple so never use other emails personally. But even though it's only default to mark any spam not delete or trash it I changed it to no filter. Still nothing.

    I provided them with another related .me.com address (the main not alias) and this still does not work.

    At the CS Support end they have been responding quickly enough and they have tried resetting password manually twice with no luck.

    They suggest to make a new third party email but I just really prefer not to do this to workaround an issue which seems pretty clear to me that it's an issue with the specific;

    [email protected]

    They use for these code confirmation automated emails. I get their help emails no problem.

    In fact despite router resetting couple of times I can still log without needing to confirm code for game and forum works no problem. It is Account page for me that does not send the code.

    I have looked to contact Apple iCloud support but don;t like their call system and can;t find an email address which is annoying. But it seems that ESO CS need to be contacting Apple direct to remove this email address from any spam filter. Or at least confirm it is not blacklisted with them. It doesn't appear blacklisted with any spam house as happened previously.

    It really doesn't seem it's Mac customer end.

    If any other people have had this issue or have it now can you post here and I'll direct CS to it for reference as it seems it not isolated.
  • Windshadow_ESO
    I have the luxury of my own domain and mail server but since I have had it since 1995 ti is a major spam magnet the domaine gets over 1000 spams a day to email addresss that do not even exist and because apple does such a good job with my .mac address it is the one I use for almost everything and it gets less than 5 spams a day that I even see.
    So I quite understand you not wanting to create another one CS told me to get a gmail address for example.
    Some how I don't think this is as simple a problem as it was explained to me and I tried to elucidate above. The fact that I had no problems with my .mac address until the PTS wanted to send me a code and then when they changed it to the .me address I provided codes from all three servers could no longer get through... Yet I provide them a pop mail server address running on a unix box from the 90s ( a sun system I bought for its scrap metals price) that I run my domain on and it all works again and I just had to white list them to do it.

    And now you have the same issues with a .me adddress that has also been fine for you for months...

    I wish I knew what else besides IP adddress they are using to trigger the need for the code and I wonder if the fact that Apple is using state of the art STMPE mail servers is a part of the equation?
  • Moonraker
    They had an issue a little while back when their code emails were being blocked by Gmail due to it getting added at a SPAM black list which can happen. It was resolved fairly quickly. I suspect that somehow this address has just flagged something in the iCloud spam filter in a similar way.

    Since Mavericks came out their have been some issues with emails notably Gmail not being received in some instances and even now it can happen, so there are some other possibilities.

    I heard back quickly from Support that the information and this thread have been passed onto for further investigation so hopefully they can resolve it at company level soon.
  • tttopperub17_ESO
    During beta and at launch, I was not getting password reset mail from the forum email domain(not the account email) due to a DNS resolution issue.

    I thought I would share this information in case it might also apply to the Apple email address issue. I have an ISP specific email address and I do not use Apple Mail app, nor my Apple .mac email.

    My ISP did a LOT of research and came back and told me that the forum email had DNS resolution problems and that the server failed to respond in a timely manner and the timeout prevented the email getting to my ISP's mail server.

    It took a long time to get this information from them because they went several tiers up in tech support and then had to put in for account mail research going back a couple of months.

    If this is not pertinent, apologies in advance for not sticking to the Apple provided email issue.
  • Moonraker
    Any info is useful and interesting so thanks @tttopperub17_ESO‌.

    I have no problem with forum and code apart from when they changed PTS and they had to manually correct something. I can log to game and funnily enough I haven't even got a reset code request in game, only Account page.

    I suspect it's either just the automated nature of the email that got flagged by the Apple filter or something else. iCloud did have issues specific to Gmail for a while and in fact it seems still does for some reason for some.

    Always annoying when something works fine and for other things for same domain but then stops for no apparent reason.

    Hopefully we will get some response soon. I'll email them again to see soon.
  • seaef

    until I got msg from our CS person for this forum section telling me about the problem and telling me to submit a non apple provided email adders to the CS person with my ticket ID# this I did last Friday and it was changed early AM today and the code mail was dully received and used... All fixed

    I had the opposite problem. My email address on my own domain wouldn't receive mail. I changed it to one of my @me.com addresses and started getting mail from Zen. Go figure.
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  • Moonraker
    Not heard anything yet. Set an email to chase it up.
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