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[NA - AD][VR12 - Templar] LF Craglorn Team/Guild LATE NIGHT RAIDs

Heya fellow ESOers,

I'm searching for a late night team/guild that runs Craglorn between 1am-5am EST. I am not a roleplayer or crafter player. My goals are to raid endgame and pvp on the side.

I am a 34 year old player who works late evenings. I have played MMOs since the days of UO. I have had a hard time finding people to raid with late evenings in every MMO since. I usually get home just after 12am, eat dinner and get online just before 1am. On my days off I am on earlier or sometimes all day.

My availability (times are in EST):

Tues-Sat: 1:00am - 5am
Sun-Mon: 8pm-whenever (days off from work)

A little bit about me in-game:

Character Name: Korsa
Alliance: Aldmeri Dominion / NA Server
Level: VR 12
Race: Breton
Class: Templar (currently tank spec with off/dps buffs)

Definitely a team oriented player who wants to complete trials/raids on a consistent and also fun outting. I can use mumble, teamspeak, vent, etc. Looking for a mature group of players who can have a good time raiding/pvping/pveing without turn into a bunch of crybabies or elitist junkwads.

Please send me a message ingame (@Apom) if I sound interesting.
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