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V3 DK focusing on Tanking LF Guild :)

Soul Shriven character name is Evilrayray and currently hitting V3 tonight and loving the game so decided its time to find a good guild to call home :)

I am looking for a guild that has good daily attendance and likes to group for dungeons and looking forward to end game content whatever that may be ...both PVE and PVP..but I tend to focus on PVE mostly. I am working my toon into a tank and want to learn to do it properly with a focused group of players. Not looking for another trade guild. I am older and very experienced in gaming including 6 years WoW, 13 years both EQ and EQ2 as well as Rift and many many many others. I am retired and disabled so I have unlimited play time and play approx 60 hours a feel I would be a good asset to any guild looking to own this game !!!

You may contact me in game on Evilrayray or email me at [email protected] since messages on the boards is blocked currently..or post here of course..I will check back every other hour or so..

Thanks for reading and considering my proposal and happy gaming !!!

  • ScardyFox
    I'm not sure if I have missed it, but did you state what faction you belong to?
  • Evilrayray
    Soul Shriven
    Sorry I did forget..Ebonhart Pact :) And Thanks for noticing !
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