Copying In-Game Character Data to Use Outside of Game (Lists/Forums?)

I'm looking for a tool or add-on that will read my character data to produce it all in list form to use outside of the game? I would speculate that it would be/should be impossible because of opening up cheat possibilities but you never know until you ask.

As an alternate are their any tools that would give a format for this data outside of the game--you fill in the blanks of what you've got and then use it as desired?

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  • SirAndy
    Not sure if it is still part of the API but in the beginning one could write to the chat log file in your ESO folder from within an AddOn.

    Getting your stats in an AddOn is easy (see FTC for example) and exporting those stats to the log file (if still possible) should be easy enough.

    A long time ago, i made a simple AddOn that dumped _G to the chat log ...
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