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Cyrodiil Public Dungeons 10 minutes respawn = epic failure

just die 2 time because the game is broken my interface freez or stuck and i need too press map or esc and now what ??? i need too wait 10 min great
is just really frustrating fix rapid strikes that bug my interface
Edited by charley222 on May 20, 2014 4:22AM
the wall of the covenant
  • esoone
  • KhajiitiLizard
    What I don't like about PvE questing in Cyrodiil is that you can't rez on the spot if you die. That and the d-bags from other alliances who kill you when you are talking to quest NPCs.
  • nikolaj.lemcheb16_ESO
    Rapid strike is indeed a problem, if there are more than 2 visible enemies on your screen it cannot decide which one you should attack and 3 things can happen.

    1. Game locks completely and you have to hit escape twice.

    2. Your character freezes for the duration and you lose precious seconds that often means the difference between life and death in veteran areas.

    3. Your ability hits some random target within range which again often means death in veteran areas of you are a nb since nbs love and die by the use of cc.

    At least 8 out of 10 deaths for me in veteran areas is caused by this bug.
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