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Vet 10 lvling skills

Soul Shriven
I read that as a vet 10, you can no longer get experience for skills, is this true?
  • Malediktus
    Possible, the exp from skills depends on the xp you get from monsters and quests and exploration. If they no longer give xp to you because of VR10 the skills wont level. Zenimax would either have to seperate skill xp and level xp or raise level cap frequently so people have a chance to level more skills.
    @Malediktus --- Ebonheart Pact, EU-Megaserver
  • Hitchhiker
    Well you can go back to ColdHarbour and get Skill exp up through the Vet levels...just not Vet exp there. Not sure why that would stop at 10 but I have seen stranger things.
  • Aenthel
    As far as I know, there is Veteran Points (Experience) and then there is regular Experience (which is what is used for leveling skills), both are separate from each other, killing a creature (in Cyrodiil) yields about 400 experience for me but almost no veteran points so I doubt progression would stop at Veteran Level 10, but, through grinding, it is extremely slow to level skills.
  • Sarcen
    As much as I hate repeatable quests, I would like to see some in PvE to level up my skills. I don't want to run into Cyrodiil with my sub par skills only to get ganked and have to walk for 5 minutes again.
  • Sakiri
    Id like them just so I have something to do when craglorn hits.
  • iDoMnCi
    Soul Shriven
    I think a great suggestion would be to add skill trainers like in previous games that you pay gold to train skills on cooldown. It would allow you to sacrifice gold instead of time and it would be an well used gold sink for the economy.

    On another note any vet 10 players ready to make another character? I'm vet 10 and I can tell you I will never make another character. As much as I love the content I do not want to level through every alliance again, gathering every sky shard, and completely every quest that rewards skill points. I think another, controversial, idea would allow class changes in game at the cost of gold or some other type of currency (perhaps rewarded for completing content).
  • Bounee
    Could any v10 player comment/confirm this thread? How are you skilling your abilities? Is the only meaningfull way doing of repetitive quests in Cyradill?

    (curious vet3 here)
  • deathcoyrwb17_ESO
    Quest hand-ins(Both in VR and Non-VR zones) & killing mobs in VR zones gives exp to your skills. I'm VR10 and am leveling every skill possible, even the morphs...
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