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Canonize the larger catastrophes that ESO has suffered

Surely a way can be discovered to canonize the sort of thing that we're having tonight!

Perhaps the Daedric Prince of the Path Not Taken, in Her (?) stirring, melded worlds, and Tamriel was flooded with transliminal gold, gear, materials - everyone achieved CHIM, and also no-one did, all at once. Reality erupted into chaos, and the Earthbones themselves groaned under the weight of such catastrophe...

...before the Divines and other defenders of the Mundus assailed the Dragon, setting Aka-El to wrath, rolling back Time in the world itself and enlisting heroes from among the populace to return the Prince to her prison...
  • Ingel_Riday
    Honestly... I love this idea. :-D

    Ithelia exploring the paths not taken, bending reality and causing dragonbreaks, leading to such chaos that reality has be to be bent back to before her meddling even occurred... sounds rather fitting. Well, rather fitting in relation to how little I know about her at present. Guffaw.

  • Carcamongus
    Great, the new prince has barely made an appearance in game and people are already starting to blame everything on her. This way we're not getting another new Daedric Prince anytime soon!
    Imperial DK and Necro tank. PC/NA
    "Nothing is so bad that it can't get any worse." (Brazilian saying)
  • Arizona_Steve
    I'm guessing she made her way into the ZOS server room.
    Wannabe Thalmor - Altmer MagSorc
  • Elvenheart
    I'm guessing she made her way into the ZOS server room.

    That’s so funny, I loved it! 😂
  • ragnarok6644b14_ESO
    I'm guessing she made her way into the ZOS server room.

    If I was trying to worm my way into a reality, starting on the network substrate that said reality operates on would be a good place to start.

    "She had been erased from the Aurbis, thrown beyond the World where existence and non-existence have no meaning; but it was there She found her way back. Behind and beneath, she found the architecture of the World - the leylines of Magnus in their ineffable currents, where light and magnetism flowed in their dance, arranging themselves in patterns that looked frustratingly familiar and utterly alien all at once.

    There was a language to it; a logic. Heat billowed, and Meridia's energies collided with Magnus' in ways that only this bizarre substrate could know. Perhaps if she could reach out and touch th-"
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