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forum post

I'm wondering if there is a GM (game master) Island in eso.

I know there was one in world of warcraft.
Here's my information about GM Island:
This is a picture of the Island in world of warcraft 8f6kpcxwrerc.jpgIt's small sized island, surrounded by many invisible barrier walls, can only be accessed by game masters (gm), is in the middle of the ocean, has beautiful green trees, and a small blue house. The inhabitants of the Island are called game masters.

They are basically in-game moderators/customer support agents. The game masters have their own super powers (which can assist players and also punish the rule breakers). Does eso have this?
When away from their Island the game masters have ultimate teleportation abilities, can turn invisible to players, be untargetable by monsters, become immortal, and do many other amazing things that makes them legendary.
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  • Soarora
    Not that I know of. Supposedly gamemasters exist, but they feel like a legend or folklore. Only experience I’ve had is a bugged worldboss in High Isle I think, where someone asked a GM for help in zone chat and then the boss respawned. Could be coincidence or not.
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  • colossalvoids

    That's all known to this moment, none were seen for years since OneTam.
  • KiltMaster
    I sincerely doubt that they have in-game GMs. One look at how toxic zone chats can be during events (or even non-events) leads me to believe that no mods are in game. Or else these folks wouldn't be able to spew vitriol with seemingly zero consequences.
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  • SkaraMinoc
    I've played many MMOs where GMs abuse their power and even give out gold and items to their friends so they have an advantage over other players. Not all GMs are corrupt but many are. Even the good ones make mistakes that have major consequences on the game world. So it's best that GMs just stay hidden and can't interact with the world.

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  • Danikat
    As I understand it having a 'GM Island' or GM-exclusive zone is an old fashioned way of allowing (mainly volunteer) GMs to talk to each other without anyone overhearing and without requiring them to sign up for a seperate website or service. I don't think newer games use them because they either don't have volunteer GMs or have better ways for them to keep in touch.

    I know Guild Wars 2 has a guild for staff members (with a special guild tag that puts the studio logo beside their name) so they can all talk in guild chat if they want private conversations. They probably have a guild hall as well.

    ESO allegedly has GMs but I've never seen one and don't know anyone else who has seen one. I think most of the moderation is done 'remotely' - checking logs rather than standing in maps hoping you spot someone doing/saying something they shouldn't, so they probably also have seperate tools for moderators to talk to each other as well.
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