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Sinners and Saints [PC][NA], age 40+, mature, multi-game community.

Sinners and Saints, established in 2005, is looking to recruit new members interested in an older, mature, multi-game community. Sinners and Saints is a smaller, multi-game, social, mature community which aims to bring other mature adults together to celebrate gaming, community, and provide a social experience that is fun, enjoyable, and respectful. We want these new members to ultimately make the Sinners and Saints community their new, primary home.

Our Sinners and Saints community is made up of age 40+ mature, respectful adults, including married couples, family, friends, and retirees. We are passionate about gaming, and uphold standards of decency, fair play, cooperation, and respect for others. We do not allow or condone rude and crude behavior, especially behavior that is blatantly disrespectful to other members, or makes any other member uncomfortable.

Sinners and Saints is looking for more members who are age 40+ to join our community for upcoming 2024 games. Games we are following for 2024 include The Quinfall, Tarisland, Nightingale, Enshrouded, The Day Before, and Once Human. We are also following Ashes of Creation, and play staple games, such as World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and ARK.

Several Sinners and Saints members love dungeons and raiding in MMORPGs. We are also looking to build a static group of dedicated dungeoneers and raiders in MMORPGs for end game content. We are not hard core or elitist, but we are driven to experience end-game content.

A person who will best fit in with our community is someone looking to join a gaming community, not just a group for a single game. A person would not be joining a specific game guild, a person would be joining a social, adult, community, looking to make new friends, experience new games together, and find a community to call their primary home. While we don't expect people to play every single game together with the rest of the community, we also don't want people joining for just one game, then leaving. Again, we are a gaming community of friends and family, not a guild for just one single game.

To make sure we are a good fit for the applicant, and the applicant is a good fit for us, applicants will be under an initial 14 day preliminary probation period, followed by a secondary, extended 60 day probation period, so you can get to know us, and we can get to know you. We will make the effort to welcome and get to know each and every applicant, so it is up to you to make the effort to get to know us, and make Sinners and Saints a community you have truly been looking for.

If you are interested in joining Sinners and Saints, or have any specific questions not addressed here, please send a Discord Direct Message (DM) to EvilPeppard, or an email to evilpeppard 'at' Otherwise please use our Server Invite link:

Thank you for your time, and we look forward to meeting you.
Founder of the Sinners and Saints static gaming community. Established 2005.
  • EvilPeppard
    UPDATED 1/20/2024.

    For obvious reasons, we no longer have The Day Before on our list of games.

    Recruiting is still currently open to folks looking for a smaller, social, mature multi-game community.
    Founder of the Sinners and Saints static gaming community. Established 2005.
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