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Can't complete - The Trials of Rahni'Za

Soul Shriven
Dear Zos,

My girlfriend @Katrien1690 is trying to complete the quest 'The Trials of Rahni'Za' where you have to kill Kalith, the Champion of the Trial of Fire. Everytime she kills him, the quest does not complete... Is this a known bug or what does she need to do?
I've attached a screenshot of the bug.


Hope someone can help.

Kind regards,
MrDeeply and Katrien1690
Edited by MrDeeply on April 21, 2020 10:25AM
  • TexanTinkerbell
    Over a year later and no answer. This guy keeps coming back to life no matter what you do!
  • Pelanora
    I had that bug, and i killed him twice solo and it didn't register, and i left it for a few months, and the third time today with another i killed him very quickly, and that seemed to do it. I was able to progress the quest finally.
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