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PS servers - any way to check your guild gold deposits?

As question says - is there any way to check when/who/how much - have couple of trading guilds that have fees & there appears no way in game to check about gold deposits - don’t care about seeing others, would just like to be able to check mine to make sure up to date (sometimes life very busy so think have done it but then may not have - even with phone reminder!)
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  • freespirit
    Unfortunately who sees what gold is deposited in a Guild Bank is controlled by the GM of that guild.

    Many guilds choose to keep their deposits private, often only the GM and maybe a deputy can see them, sometimes the officers too......

    Your best bet is to ask one of the management team to check whether you are up to date.
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    When people say to me........
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  • fizl101
    You may be able to see the bank history based on your rank otherwise you will need to ask someone who can see it
    Soupy twist
  • LikiLoki
    Unfortunately, it is not possible to install addons on the console for statistics. I repeat, as I have said many times in similar discussions: it is high time to expand the capabilities of guilds in the direction of control and analytics. The game guild system has never received any improvements - it's frustrating
    I use "my donation" on my PC
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  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • SerafinaWaterstar
    I would just like there to be an option to see when/amount you have deposited - so you have a record, & not just the GM.
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