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XI Wolverines | PvP | AD | NA

11th Wolverines is Recruiting

XI Wolverines is a fresh gaming community looking to start with TESO.

We as a community enjoy video games of all sorts, MMOs, FPS, Simulators.
With the launch of TESO we hope to build a community we have always envisioned.

What we have to offer:
-PvP Focus, but we won't say no to PvE
-Monthly Rewards ranging from Hardware goods to Games to GameTime. (May Prize is G930 Wireless Logitech Headset)
-Fun gaming environment
-Group PvP runs | Wabbajack Campaign
-Currently running with 125+ members.

What we ask of you:
-Be a mature gamer (+18)
-Come on to have fun.
-Be an active member on our forums & teamspeak.
-Be helpful to others who are in need.
-Get ready to slay Daggerfall & Ebonheart.

How to Apply:
-Get back to us on this thread.
-Send a message to @cwab88 @epicpowda or @Cowthulhu88
-Apply on the Forums

Opportunities after becoming a Member:

Battle Commander Positions Open:
The main focus & duties of the Battle Commanders is to bring together the guild to do PVP Runs. You'll be organizing & giving orders to your group in a calm, civil way. What we ask our Battle Commanders to do

-Be active at all times on Teamspeak while in game
-Be organized and have previous leadership from past games
-Be kind, generous & courteous to the Pick-Ups you get from calling within zone chat
-Recruit members from the Pick-Ups (You'll still be rewarded your Credits to Purchase Raffle Tickets)
-Have lots of spare time
You'll receive server admin to Teamspeak to Organize your groups & to help keep the comm clean of trolls.

If you feel you can handle the Battle Commander position please fill out a application on our website and make a post in the Battle Commander Enlistment thread with your experience in leading large groups into battle (PVE or PVP) / Play Time / What makes you stand out as a excellent player.

Please note we are not a hardcore PVP Community - We are a community that wants organization and someone calm who can lead us to captures & victory out on the field.

Officer Positions Open:
The main focus & duties of the Officers are to help make decisions for the guild in expansion & keep the ship afloat within the games we play & consider to branch off to. You'll have to recruit effectively & regularly within games we play to help build our community, you'll have to give helpful information to members and recruits in need. What we ask of our Officers to do

-Be active at all times on Teamspeak even if you are playing other games (Must be there for anyone who has questions)
-Be extremely organized and have some sort of experience in leadership
-Recruit actively for our community
-Try and partake in all event's set up by our Battle Commanders

You'll receive full server admin to Teamspeak to keep the trolls clean & to keep our server healthy and afloat.
You'll receive forum moderation to keep the forums a troll & spam free community
You'll still be eligible for our Community Monthly Giveaway - We all love winning things, you would not be forced out of that.

If you think this is a position for you, please fill out an application on our website and post on the Officer Enlistment thread telling us what makes you a prime candidate to this position, any experience which may help your cause, how long you have been playing games for, etc.

XI Wolverines is growing fast and have already had some solid organized PvP runs! We hope you consider joining us, and look forward to meeting & fighting along side you on the battlefield!
Wolfaen Moltencloak | Imperial Dragon Knight
Wolfaen Bloodcloak | Dark Elf Nightblade
Wolfaen | High Elf Sorcerer
  • MisrerE
    Soul Shriven
    Hop on our teamspeak tonight guys come do some active Orginized Pvp on Aldmeri Dominion Wabbajack Starting at 10pm est and going to around 2am est. Also catch The live action @ twitch.tv/sorrowriku
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