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Auto-Loss Bug Report with video proof and 1000+ matches sample size

Hey everyone! Just looking to shine some light on a nasty bug that has been around since season 1. I am sure plenty of you have experienced this bug in the past and were unaware of what happened.

Essentially there is (and has been) a reasonably high chance that your game will auto-concede when the game attempts to start a tribute match and you are either jumping or changing elevations the moment the game starts. There may be some other triggers, but I have systematically tested 100+ games in a row accepting matches "stand-still" with no movement at all and never once ran into this bug. On the other hand, if you constantly jump on and off of objects such as rails or even just traverse certain stairways in the games after accepting your queues, you will see a decently high rate of auto-concedes.

Here is a 30-second video of the bug in action:

You can see at the start of this clip I am currently Rank #14 NA, and I am moving on a surface that has slight variance in its elevation. The moment the game attempts to start my character is moving on said surface and the ranked match is automatically conceded. You can see at the end of the clip I am bumped down to rank 20 and given a 10-minute concede penalty despite the match never having loaded in the first place.

Would be heavily appreciated if someone at ZOS could confirm this report gets seen by the right team. In the meantime if you are experiencing this bug semi-frequently I advise not moving at all or pressing any keys during or after accepting your tribute match. I've ran into this bug while not recording easily 25+ times, but again I never once had it occur when doing stand-still queue accepts.

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