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Snow Treaders -- can you sprint when out of combat?

While you are in combat, you are immune to Snares and Immobilizations that can be cleansed, but you cannot Sprint.
The Snow Treaders description text seems unfortunately ambiguous and leaves me with two questions I'm hoping someone that owns them can answer:
  1. Can you sprint when out of combat? (ie. does the "in combat" part refer to both immunity and the exclusion?)
  2. Can you be snared and/or immobilized when you're out of combat? (ie. does an ambush put you in combat then try to snare you or snare then set the in-combat state?)
BTW, it's likely I've never tried to sprint while "in combat" (I tend toward fatal optimism). So, if it's already just plain not possible, that would solve the first conundrum.
  • Fennwitty
    Well it's definitely possible to 'sprint' during combat, and it's something you need to be mindful of. Sprinting drains your stamina, and Sprinting during fights more than you have to will reduce your ability to roll dodge or break free or cast stamina abilities.

    Plus while Sprinting in combat you can't really do anything else but move. So yeah you'll get from point A to point B faster than not Sprinting, but you won't be able to cast buffs or attack while you do so.

    But on the Snow Treader question I haven't completed this mythic yet to tell you.
    PC NA
  • Bjond
    Fennwitty wrote: »
    Well it's definitely possible to 'sprint' during combat
    Thanks -- could be I reflexively never considered it an option due to cost and skill lockouts.

    OTH, I thought of a 3rd question about Snow Treaders:
      3. Does the 2% per Medium speed bonus "while immune to CC" apply while wearing them?
    My assumption for this would be no, since the boots don't make you immune to all CC (eg. Stuns).
  • kenneth.friisb16_ESO
    Sorry for reviving this thread, but did you figure it out Bjond?

    Are you able to sprint while wearing the mythic out of combat?
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  • wilykcat
    Forum post will always exist even when they do get moved or closed. Forum posts don't die unless if they get deleted. The forum post sometimes end up becoming forgotten over a long amount of time; up until it gets bumped.

    So it is possible to sprint in combat but it's not as fast. I've been wondering about that too.
    Edited by wilykcat on July 3, 2023 9:51PM
  • Bjond
    Well, I do remember figuring out all the answers after I got them, but I've been out of game for long enough to have forgotten just about everything I learned -- including whether they're nice enough to wear all the time or if another runspeed source is a more viable solution.

    IIRC, I got them, tried them, then shortly afterwards started using jewelry for runspeed instead. This is only a vague recollection, though. Feel free to ignore it if that doesn't make sense.
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