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Casual Veterans - LF new members for veteran trials

Soul Shriven
Casual Veterans

PC/EU PvE guild

About us

Casual Veterans is a small PvE focused guild of long-time MMO players with the goal of progressing through veteran content and hardmodes with a consistent group. Our trial times are Wednesday and Saturday at 19.30 UK Time (20.30 CET).

To-date we have cleared the following trials on veteran: Hel-Ra Citadel, Aetherian Archive, Sanctum Ophidia, Maw of Lorkhaj, Rockgrove, Kyne's Aegis, Asylum Sanctorium, Cloudrest and Sunspire.

We are looking for additional players to join our team - particularly DPS.

What we are looking for

Some veteran trial experience would be useful, but we will also consider players with good potential who can play their chosen class and spec well.

More important to us is that team members are mature, prepared to listen and react to feedback, and above all - are reliable. We are not looking for pugs - we want a consistent, friendly team where we get to know the people in our group.

How to get in touch

We'd love to have a chat with you if you're interested in joining us. Please feel free to contact one of our trial leaders in-game: @Kharristan or @Tenascia.
  • deltauren
    Soul Shriven
    We have completed Maw of Lorkhaj hardmode and have moved on to Asylum Sanctorium +1.

    Still on the look out for some nice DPS to join us - particularly a Nightblade.

    Interested? Then get in touch as above.
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