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Can't complete Isobel final quest

The title says it all. The princess detective quest. The final step (I assume) is "meet the couple at the ancient anchor inn". The quest icon appears over the door and on the compass. I enter the inn and the blue circle spans the compass top denote you're in the target area, but Aurelia and Marso are nowhere to be seen, and there is no icons on the compass or visible anywhere in the inn. I have searched top to bottom. Things I have (unsuccessfully) tried are
-unsummon and summon Isobel
-logout and log back in
-quite the entire game and reload then log back in
-abandon the quest and do it over again.

Any solution or other suggestions most welcome!
Edited by ZOS_Bill on May 31, 2023 5:15PM
  • GlassHalfFull
    In case you did not know, this inn has several stair cases, you will need to use the correct one to find them. Also, they showed up for me after I entered the closed door for the knight commander and exited. They were across from that door at a round table, near the stairs.
    Edited by GlassHalfFull on May 18, 2023 8:31PM
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  • stewg73
    thanks. I did go up the three flights and went into every nook and cranny I could find. Usually you can see there icons through the floors/walls etc and on compass but not this time. Will go back in and double check though
  • stewg73
    Well that's random. After about the 20th time searching every room in the place (including the second staircase which leads to the overpass to the merchants in the same building), "meet the couple at the anchor inn - completed. Talk to Aurelia" popped up on the screen. The icon appeared on the compass and I went down the stairs to the room I'd just come from and they had magically appeared!

    For anyone else having the same issue, they are right next to the table that you pick up Aurelias letter to read at the start of the quest. I went straight there initially and they weren't there. It was like I had to stand in an exact pixel of the building for the game to register I'd actually entered the inn even though I'd probably run a marathon inside the inn by then!
  • ghastley
    I recall something similar with one of my characters. Leaving the building and entering again through the front door cured it for me. I had come in the back door after turning in a daily.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Thank you for keeping us updated regarding this quest issue. As the OP has finally completed the quest after multiple resets, we've decided to close the thread from further comments.
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