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What is your favorite Battleground mode?

What is your favorite Battleground mode?
Edited by ZOS_Icy on May 13, 2023 6:22PM

What is your favorite Battleground mode? 60 votes

sabresandiego_ESOSolarikenRamzdonb16_ESOArcanasxNedicWildlinggummy292meekmikoJierdanitdmvabPhoenixGreyLazarus_RisingnemesrichardketsparrowhawkGetAgrippaGrandchamp1989TuxydoZavijah_ArventigariondaveyxDeusEJRxNoxiousBlight 27 votes
NotaDaedraWorshipperCazador 2 votes
Capture The Relic!
jtm1018propertyOfUndefinedOBJnoobfall0athboyDarthCuddlefluffSoaroraBraggar 7 votes
Crazy King!
DanikathondelinkmmtaniacVaranaTornaadLittlePinkDotmdjessup4906ACamaroGuytokeinskybluEleminwe 10 votes
Khenarthiwowericb16_ESOEliranAzrael_1976El_BorrachoAScarlatomic88TaggundBasPwilykcatLunaFloraSandandStarsBrakkish 13 votes
I don't play in battlegrounds
ixthUA 1 vote
  • Soarora
    Capture The Relic!
    I enjoy how it has defense and offense but localized unlike the flag games. Also strategy. Downside is when everyone has relics picked up so no one can score but the chances of all 3 people being really tanky is low in solo queue.
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    Deathmatch for sure!
  • OBJnoob
    Capture The Relic!
    I find a good Capture the Relic game to be the most chaotic and exciting. You often feel like you need to be two places at once and the fast paced PRESSURE of it all is very alluring to me. Also, and because of this, you frequently have to make a decision on where to be and who to focus. The result of the match depends on you staying fluid and making these decisions correctly even though the answer 10 minutes in may be different than the answer 5 minutes in.

    My wife (who doesn't play but sometimes watches,) thinks Chaosball is the best. I'm sure she likes the tightly packed action and overall "Deathmatch" feel of it.

    I've always thought this was amusing because I get the feeling that these are two of the least enjoyed modes by some people.

    I will give a shout-out to Deathmatch even though I'm a pretty devoted OBJ player. It is nice to occasionally find out there is no real objective and you're just gonna go in there and let'r rip. These matches are very fun for me.

    I think my least favorite are the two flag game modes. I like them, actually, but will agree with people who will perhaps say the action is too spread out and shifting. It feels more like a "race" than a "strategy" sometimes.

    Doubling down on my pick-- Capture the Relic-- no BG moment will ever match (to me,) the feeling of holding one relic while frantically chasing after your own. The risk and the reward of such an occasion are unmatched, to me, and as an OBJ focused player I feel like these moments are not rare but actually fairly frequent if you seek them out.
  • AScarlato
    I like the standing on flag games. Something I can participate in on any character as its as much about strategy as it is about having someone click Toxic Barrage on me lol. That and in pugs I can't seem to get my team to group, so whatever group runs around a 4 in deathmatch usually wins.
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  • notyuu
    Where's the "all as long as it's varied" option?
  • ZOS_Icy

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    Thank you for your understanding.
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  • Danikat
    Crazy King!
    I think crazy-king is my favourite. The fact that the capture points keep moving helps to break up groups and makes it pointless to camp for too long. Also I can often guess where a point is going to appear so I can get there early and help my team even if I'm not great in combat.
    notyuu wrote: »
    Where's the "all as long as it's varied" option?

    I agree with this too though. Doing any mode over and over is going to get boring so it's better to have variety.
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  • LunaFlora
    i like capture the flag games

    though the others too just not deathmatch. i hate deathmatch and hate that so many people try to make the other modes into deathmatch
    miaow get cherry blossomedPS EU |~| PS NA |~| PC EU |~| "Eagles advance, traveler! And may the Green watch and keep you."
  • El_Borracho
    Anything but Capture the Relic.
  • Braggar
    Capture The Relic!
    Capture the Relic is no. 1 fun, cause it´s a challenge to steal the thing all the time. Sometimes the other teams are weak. Then I meet teams, with a strong defence. It is fun, to find a weak spot and strike.

    And Chaosball is crazy fun too. Keeps me laughing, to see 12 players as one big graphic pile mush. Trying to get that ball lol.

    The other matches are hmmmmmmmmmmm uhmmmmm ok ISH.
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