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PLZ give console players a Guest Book

Exactly what the title says... Guest Books for console players, please!?
Not sure why it hasn't been implemented yet...
-Y'all changed how we load into Imperial City, and how easy it is to get out now by queueing into Cyrodiil to leave IC and vice versa (we used to run from Cyrodiil wayshrine to IC to get into IC, then run out of IC and run to the Cyrodiil wayshrine to leave Cyrodiil, it took forever, ya got ganked running and had to respawn at base and start all over running to IC again).
-Y'all took away selecting game modes for Battlegrounds so anyone trying to get Chaos Ball/Relic Hunter achievements good luck.
-You wont give us extra housing slots - fine.
-You changed how we can teleport into houses instead of traveling to the closest wayshrine and running to our house.
-You added linking houses via chat/mail.
-You gave us precision editing,
-You now allow us to retrieve items from 1 individual house while inside it.
-You now allow us to mark the item and find it if it's in a wall.
-you wont allow us to transfer accounts from console to pc... But, you have given us few things that PC add-ons have (that we love).
So, we know you can add and take away things, so why have you still not given us a Guest Book to write a description and allow visitors to sign it???
  • katanagirl1
    As long as it’s optional and not floaty and glowing, lol
    Khajiit Stamblade
    Dark Elf Magsorc
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    PS5 NA

  • XoXJulietteXoX
    As long as it’s optional and not floaty and glowing, lol

    I like the floaty glowy bit lol
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