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copy your messages to clipboard before replying - Mayhem is cool!

dang, I often critisize ESO, but just wrote a very positive summary of Midyear Mayhem. NOT sarcastic, I just really like it.

When I submitted it, I had "permission problem", obviously the sarcastic main post was deleted.
Such things suck :(

Queue position 8 now, so will not rewrite everything, but short:
xbox EU terrible lag, but NA was a blast, and no troll builds this time like the unkillable werewolves this time.
Having fun again playing ESO after 5 months of break, even as PVE player in PVE gear.
Tier 3 on 15, tier 1 on additional 35 characters, meaning 2500 transmutation crystals and 15x6 purple jewelry. 2 mio AP.

Thanks for this event, looking forward the second one soon.

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  • jtm1018
    Yep, no more unkillable build.

    No cp bg is a blast.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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