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[Suggestion]Add Imperial City dailies to the bounty board near the ladders

Pretty much the title. Going up every single ladder to grab the quest is getting a bit annoying, especially when you get the "You're already queued for this campaign" every time you try to climb the ladder. Having them on the bounty board would lead to a smoother experience, just grab and run through the districts doing the quests.
  • NoxiousBlight
    Agree. This is one of those things that has been suggested for years and ZOS doesn't seem keen on doing it for some reason.
  • KiltMaster
    True that would be excellent. Maybe still give the option to get the quest up the ladder, but nothing wrong with being able to get it in more locations - especially so I don't have to rezone 6x to get em all
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  • Credible_Joe
    Yes please.

    Also, I was wondering just yesterday why there are only top-side quests. Whenever I do a sewer run, I never go past the rotunda; I already have all the skyshards and there's no incentive (other than achievement) to fight the bosses in the other alliance corridors.

    I think adding boss-bounty, scouting, and fetch quests would add a lot of depth to the sewers. Really give reason to venture past the relative safety of your home corridor, other than clout.

    Maybe even a capture-the-flag type mechanic where going all the way to an enemy alliance base, grabbing flag, and returning to yours without going topside or porting gives a huge tal-var multiplier while you've got the flag; but you're visible on the map and lose everything if you drop it, awarding it to whoever stopped you.

    Double or nothing if you can grab two.

    I'd live in the sewers if there were conflict like that down there.
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  • LunaFlora
    it would be better if each ladder had a board near them. boards with multiple quests are really frustrating when you don't want certain quests.
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