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Question about PVP

I have been playing a new magika necro in battlegrounds partly to level and partly to enjoy the new event. I have almost never used the battle grounds or PVP. I like the battle grounds and while i am still never going to be the best i don't do bad. My question: does battle ground experience change much when you hit level 50 with lots of CCP. I have about 1300 now. my new necro only gears with what drops and i haven't utilizes all my points (trying to play a different way) and i am having fun inside the the BGs
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  • Holycannoli
    In my humble opinion: Battlegrounds are a lot of fun, necros in PvP not so much.
  • fred4
    Battlegrounds incorporate "match making ranking" aka MMR. I believe this is per character, not per account. The more experience a character has in BGs, the higher your MMR becomes. The game attempts to match you with players of equal MMR when you queue for a BG. In other words, you're up against equally experienced or inexperienced players as the case may be. I do not know exactly how ZOS determine this. I imagine if a character is below 50 or very low CP, say below CP160, they take that into account. However basically it's based on how many BGs a character has done and, perhaps, what kind of success you've had.

    When you're new to PvP you may notice that Cyrodiil and Imperial City offer stiffer competition. You may find the competition in the no CP campaign (Ravenwatch) a little easier. Many lower CP players go there. If going there, research what armor sets are allowed since, unlike BGs, that's also a "no proc" campaign.

    That said, during the current event everywhere is very busy. This cuts both ways. On the one hand there's lots of action and you'll be attacked from all sides (beware of bombers). On the other hand there are lots of less experienced PvPers participating in every campaign.
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  • ZOS_Icy

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  • tsaescishoeshiner
    Below level 50, battlegrounds are a bit easier and everyone deals less damage.

    Once you hit level 50, you'll notice that fights and time-to-kill are much faster. If you go into level 50 battlegrounds with good gear, you'll have a much better time.

    Your champion points are disabled in battlegrounds. But once you're CP 160 (the gear level cap), you can get good gear.

    Deltia has good guides for each class with optimized gear and easy-to-get starter gear.

    Good luck and have fun!
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  • logan68
    thank you all
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