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IC for duo play

Hello there!
I want to discuss my idea of IC as a place for duo PvP in this game.
So I have an idea about making a reworked IC for duos. Let me describe it:
I will start with map. There are no sewers. Only base room with banker and traders.
Next goes alliances. There no alliances in this version of IC. Everyone who is not in you group is your enemy. Maximum group capacity limited to 2 players.
Telvar gain lock to x4. Bosses x2 weaker, respawn x2 faster.
There no flags in city. Instead of them let’s place there 3 random sigils with 5min cd in each district.
Also as it’s a PvPvE location let’s replace telvars with *generic name coin*, with what you will pay traders for lootboxes. And here it comes: traders will have this boxes:
1. Dungeonname armor box for 10k (any dungeon in game)
2. Dungeonname weapon box for 20k
3. Transmutation box with 50 transmute stones for 50k
So with that people who don’t like pve can just full their collection for crafting (I know how it looks for zos, so let’s say - you may have eso+ or buy a dungeon dlc to use this boxes). Also add some boxes with tradeables, as in classic IC.
It’s not supposed to replace classic IC, but add additional campaign with different ruleset.
What problems will help to solve this campaign:
1. People can farm gear while getting fun (many have fun doing dungeons, but I think I am not only one around here who just hate dungeons)
2. Area for some duos, where you can play without 5 wardens frostclench you, while some sniper snipes in hope of desync.
3. Since only 2 players allowed in party - no crosshealing from random folks
4. No zergs.

Would be glad if you guys add your vision, how it may be better, and maybe some day zos will give us some good PvP content.
  • Necrotech_Master
    i prefer IC as it is right now, minus the nonsense with the restricted respawns on the surface

    theres nothing stopping you from running solo or duo in the current IC, and almost all of the changes are pretty much "get rid of the good safe farming area" "significantly easier tel var farming"

    and just because your running in 2 person group does not mean 5 enemy players couldnt gang up on you, you dont need to team to zerg, same with cross healing

    and the idea of getting dungeon gear from buying with tel var, absolutely not, you want gear from dungeon, you run the dungeon

    the 2 biggest things i would like for IC to fix actual problems is:
    • remove restricted respawns from the surface, you should be able to respawn in any district regardless of flag ownership
    • allow IC set gear to actually drop from enemies or even just limit it to bosses and randomly from chests, or reduce the cost a bit to buy the boxes with set gear and/or curate it
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