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If Bolgrul is an Undaunted questgiver then his quests should give Undaunted keys

Now some might say "NUH UH, only *dungeon* quests should give undaunted keys!" - maybe to uphold some made-up tradition, or maybe to gatekeep Undaunted chest loot. But the fact of the matter is that they're not called "dungeon keys", they're called "Undaunted keys". And Bolgrul is an Undaunted questgiver, standing right there in the Undaunted enclave.

So either Bolgrul should be removed from the Undaunted enclaves, or his quests should give Undaunted keys. The fact that he's a part of the enclave yet gives no keys for his quests makes literally zero sense.
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  • colossalvoids
    Not really following the logic here I guess, you can surely nitpick naming and stuff all you want but keys are precisely used for dungeon set completion, more so vet ones because you're completing something that isn't dropping in normal entirely. Can't see any gatekeeping here, just different levels of reward structure based on content run.
  • kargen27
    Bolgrul gives you Undaunted Merits containers. Handing out Undaunted Merits seems something that should take place in the Undaunted enclave.
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  • Grizzbeorn
    As someone who has to be in a specific (and rare) mood to run dungeons, I look forward to having other options to earns Undaunted points and rewards.

    That said... Sorry, Jack. Having Bolgru grant keys is a bad idea.
    He already grants points and Merit coffers; for running delves, which are much easier than running dungeons.
    Having him grant the same rewards for running delves as the rewards for dungeons is not proportionate.

    If we want keys, we should have to run dungeons.
      PC/NA Warden Main
    • the.correonb16_ESO
      Originally the keys opened chests corresponding to the 3 pledge NPC.
      Those chests can still be seen in the undaunted enclaves. You can't open them anymore as ZOS already caved long ago to lesten the rng on the chests by moving it to a key shop tied to the npc.

      I believe Bolgrul already rewards you well enough for some menial task, as others have mentioned. Since he is also not one of the 3 pledge npc's why would he need to award you a key? What next have him award you transmute stones too?

      If you want the key rewards, go for the pledge quests, they are not impossible.
    • ZOS_Hadeostry

      After further review we have decided to move this thread to a category we think is more appropriate for this topic.

      Thank you for your understanding
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    • BaalMelqartu
      I would not mind if you got a key for doing a Bolgrul daily.
      -One key a day isn't a big deal to me and for people who don't want to do dungeons, it would take a long time anyway so why not? I do a lot of random normals with PUGs and I completely understand, after all the terrible behavior I've seen, why some would want to avoid this. They also may not have enough friends to run dungeons with. At the rate of one key a day, it would take them 5 days to even try for a shoulder set, that's fine with me.
      -If Bolgrul did change to giving a key, I think this reward should only kick in after player reaches CP160. This is to avoid new players picking sets prior to understanding that it's at 160cp that you truly build your sets.
      -Monster sets have, in my opinion, become outdated for DPS anyway. It's usually better for DPS to do mythic, arena weapons, etc. Personally, I only use monster sets on healer or tank anymore. I'd love for them to redo the monster sets soon since they are a neat thing in the game but have mostly been replaced, for DPS.
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