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20 hours of VR later, and all I got was a lousy T-shirt

  • Corithna
    Singular wrote: »
    subecsanur wrote: »
    I agree, why only a costume? Not a true armor set matching your class? Also a free respec would be nice.

    Also I nvr understand why so many personal instances but the rewards don't even come close to what you need? Should there be a way to fix this?

    Well said!

    Yes, I want personalized rewards for reaching those ranks - is that too hard to program? I mean, it doesn't have to tally up every single skill point that I have and predict what's best for me, but at least it could be class specific.

    Given the way this game is designed, what possible piece of equipment could be class specific when every class can use each type of weapon, every weight of armor? So what you want is for the game to magically anticipate what you happen to think is specific for your 'class'? What about the next guy who's instead of light armor using heavy armor and a two hander but chose the same class you play in a light/medium armor mix with a destro staff?
    For all the millions of pages of codified law we have enacted in this nation alone, all of it, every word, sentence, paragraph and nuance, is steeped in the singular idea of this:

    "Be good to one another."
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