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MOBA stylized battlegrounds?

I know those are things in both world of warcraft and guild wars 2. There are two teams and 5 players on each team. The battleground zones are large with two bases at opposite ends. Sometimes there would be bonus objectives to help either team get points. The modes can be destroy enemy team base and win, capture points/resource gain, pvp dungeons, etc.

I feel like eso should get more variety of battlegrounds and game modes. That will make pvp a lot more fun and enjoyable.

The small scale 3 team battlegrounds are good even know those get chaotic and hard to tell who's winning along with how to win.

  • tokeinskyblu
    I'm with u sounds like a cool idea.
  • DrNukenstein
    Yes. Give us moba mode with 4 man teams.

    3 lanes, lane minions, a jungle with monster camps, FUN objectives (like a big dragon that you kill for power up/turbo siege minion), towers, defend your nexus, a team balancing algorithm involving skill and gear lock when you enter the lobby.

    Why isn't this a game mode yet? It would be such slam dunk hit. Even hotter than any battle royale mode ideas that have hit the forum.

    Could be the potential new pvp content tied to the shivering isles chapter in the far distant future. Mania vs Dementia. Would be so sick. Doesn't have to wait for the right chapter either, they could just add it and it would still be so sick.
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