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Banditos UI?

When I started playing ESO, I just downloaded a bunch of addons. I'm finally trying to figure out which ones I need and reduce to the minimum number. One big addon I use is Bandito's UI. This does a lot of different things for me, and I'd like to reduce duplication.

Banditos seems to stack my health, stamina and magicka vertically, and give me control over group player frames. I really like this. Is there a smaller UI that does this?

For auras I have s'renndarr. I like the control it gives me.

I also have Action Duration Reminder. Banditos seems to do this also. Can I just use ADR instead of Banditos?

For crafting I have Character Knowledge tracks recipes across characters) and Traitbuddy. My main crafter has all the traits, so I don't need Traitbuddy mostly. It does have a very convenient list of all the craftable sets. Is there an addon that combines these?

For crafting I have Lazy Crafter and writworthy. These seem good.

I deleted Master Merchant and don't want to install Tamriel Trade Center. I'm not a big trader.

Also use Voton's minimap.

Anyway, any advice on condensing addons would be helpful.
  • Necrotech_Master
    the only other big UI addon i know of is "advanced UI", personally i dont like either of them lol

    for something that is a good catalogue of all sets, i use itemization browser, of if you are doing it for collection purposes, i just use the addon bindall which autobinds gear you have not collected as soon as you pick it up so you dont have to worry about it, if it didnt auto bind you already know it

    character knowledge is great, for doing the motifs, recipes, furnishings (though i primarily use it for motifs), though i also use master recipe list for tracking recipes and furnishings

    there is also one for event collectibles that uses a similar ui to character knowledge to see what your missing from "events"
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  • danno8
    LUI Extended is another UI mod that has separate modules for health and resource bars, buffs/debuffs and other stuff that you might want to look into.
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