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Reset Timer's Changed for PvP Rewards

Hi all!

Each of the following PvP rewards used to have a 20 hour timer:

- Siege of Cyrodiil Merit in Siegemaster Coffer from IC district daily quests,
- Arena Gladiator Proof in Gladiator Rucksack from Cyrodiil conquest daily quests,
- Guaranteed transmute drop in Rewards for the Worthy Coffer.

Is this still the case since the Scribes of Fate update?

Or are the timers reset once a day at the fixed time rather than the rolling 20 hour timer since the last drop?

Please let me know.

Best Answers

  • RealLoveBVB
    Not sure about the transmute one, but gladiator proof and merit definitely reset on the fixed day reset timer now.
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  • Ilsabet
    Rewards for the Worthy transmutes also use the new reset time instead of the old 20-hour timer.
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  • Thrasher91604
    Thanks to you both!
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  • LunaFlora
    yay that's so awesome
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