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My interest in quests of three so far [in]

1. If you got there, did you leave Vatola in the jail cell or free him. If he murdered someone, he could stay in the cell. Do you get anything good for freeing him? I think leaving someone in a cell to die of thirst and less likely hunger would be hard to put up with. And does Vatola get put to death by the people who put him in the cell if you leave him there?

2. With my Templar, right before the option of saving her life or not. It wouldn't let me save her, explaining that I left the game to see what to do. With my Dragon Knight, I could. Should I stab kill that woman captain on that ship? I don't want her to suffer from the poison. I think I saw on a YouTube video if you spare her life, she'll give you some gift.

3. When the soul stone that held all those orc souls, I kept it for the human side. The orcs hated my character, yet the humans liked me for it. Is that alright? Or should the orcs soul stone be destroyed?
  • Scott86
    These are the dark elves, on their island. I think Vatola setup to murder Veya's brother.
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