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NPC Daily

Why are some Tribute Hubs not part of Kishka's daily quest?

E.g. Deshaan, Reaper's March, Bangkorai... there's probably more.

Can't we add some of these other locations for a bit of variety? They're already there in the game.
  • Necrotech_Master
    it would be nice, ive seen maybe 3 different variations of the NPC quest and thats about it, considering theres a tribute npc group in virtually every town in tamriel lol
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  • SeaGtGruff
    I'm not sure, but I think the target hubs might change at least twice a day. I say that because sometimes the first location will be followed by a second and third lication which are normally paired with a different first location, and I've only ever seen that happen when I've picked up the quest several hours earlier but then waited until much later in the day to actually do it, so the first location is whichever one was indicated when I picked up the quest, but the second and third lications weren't the ones I was expecting.

    For instance, if the first location is Stonefalls, it will normally be followed by Shadowfen and Eastmarch.

    If the first location is Auridon, it will normally be followed by Greenshade and Grahtwood.

    (I think I got those right, but I'm not absolutely positive.)

    Well, one day I picked up the daily and the first location was Auridon, but I waited several hours to actually do the first match-- although it was still before the daily reset IIRC. When I eventually played the Auridon match, it was followed by Shadowfen instead of Greenshade.

    Likewise, I've played a (delayed) Vvardenfell match that was followed by Western Skyrim and Amenos instead of Summerset and High Isle as expected.

    I understand that certain other dailies follow a twice-a-day reset schedule-- such as the Black Sacraments-- so that's why I'm thinking that the ToT matches might do that, too. I'd have to do some controlled testing to confirm or refute that, though.
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