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The Emperor's Secret quest

It says to" Knock on renna's door" but when I try to knock the door shows "unlock (simple)" and when I try to interact with it I get "You canot use that right now"

What do I do now? The door shows as being Renna's House.

This quest sucks.

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  • Blinx
    it's bugged, try aiming at the frame of the door, and be patient, should get the option to knock.
    like many quests, and areas in this game -they just don't fix them in a timely manner, this prologue for blackwood which has been out for well over a year, still bugged, smh
  • Dr_Con
    i think aim on the right side and stand on that area too. try backing away from the door and inching closer to it also, where your feet are is important.

    definitely bugged but there's workarounds.

    i reported a similar bug with one of the thieves' guild items to steal in the mage guild in one of the cities where it wants you to read a scroll instead of steal an object under the scroll. you just have to inch closer and closer and get the right pixel.
    Edited by Dr_Con on October 10, 2022 5:18AM
  • maboleth
    Just move your pointer a bit, there should be a proper door opener. I did this quest last week and it was working.

    Yes the area where your mouse pointer needs to be is small but it's there.
  • ZOS_Hadeostry

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  • savette
    Soul Shriven
    I was able to finally get the 'knock' option by getting myself right up against the door then pointing camera up toward the roof.
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