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Have a bunch of survey locations moved?

I've slowed down on my surveys lately, doing them in bulk less frequently, but every now and then the map pins I have long held are off. Today, the green shade enchanter survey just could not be found.

Any idea what's up?
  • tmbrinks
    The Greenshade Enchanter was in the same place for me it's always been. Slightly NE of the Verrant Morass WS.
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  • phaneub17_ESO
    The only ones I know that have changed are High Isles and Blackwood. I played a part in Blackwood surveys clustering together, I didn't bother with High Isles when it first came out as it had the same problem.
  • HerrKeinTipp_MrNoTip
    Weird. Had tried porting in and out and it just wasn't showing. After a full logout they were there.
  • kringled_1
    I've had that happen once or twice (with a different survey). Not sure what causes it, but thankfully it's quite rare.
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