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Sorcerer-King Orgnum suggestion

The deck for Sorcerer-King Orgnum overall is fine, the issue is with the Patron itself. Any patron that flat out requires you to spam it to win otherwise you lose if the other does is just bad play style. Even the computer AI has a habit of spamming this thing.

The main way I have learned to counter it with the computer is to make sure to activate it myself ASAP to make sure it favors me so if/when the computer wants to try and fight over it I can win that war since I would get more power than they would during it and an extra card. Otherwise, if the AI gets it to favor them, unless I was lucky as crap, that's a wrap, I will lose as they will spam it every turn for more power and more cards and I can't win that tug of war short of getting a card that allows me to use it twice in that turn.

My suggestion is to alter what you get for activating them, taking a hint from the Crow patron.

Unfavored: Add 1 power per 6 cards you have rounded down. Sorcerer-King Orgnum is now neutral.
Neutral: Add 1 power per 4 cards you have rounded down. Sorcerer-King Orgnum now favors you.
Favored: Unusable: No Benefit.

Make it where it isn't some shotgun you spray every chance and gets better the more you use it. But more that payday you wait for that gets better the longer you wait but you only have 1 shot unless the other guy has already used it.
  • AnduinTryggva
    Actually what Orgnum is still inciting for just patron spamming with very difficult counter is that when turning back to neutral position just gives 2 power but without scaling like when turning to favored position.

    This makes it just a decision who spams it first and then the spammer as a power advantage that is so hard to counter.

    It should be made much more expensive to spam it in favored. It should cost 4 gold. Also please add one additional power output when turning to neutral.
  • Bat
    I have another suggestion: delete it, because it's tedious and has never once led to a fun match.
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