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《Things To Hunt Or Collect Or General Tips》

So let's break out the list and see what goodies are good things to keep an eye out for or to do and what good tips are still around

I will start,

☆ Go to each zone and complete their free purple treasure lead by doing the green and blue lead, then go to the top of the Antiquities building in Skyhold to get your free 100,000 gold coin.

☆ Fishing in Artaeum, can drop a purple and legendary recipe and both are worth the effort.

☆ killing sheep in Khenarthi' Roost is a good way to level early legerdemain by selling the guts classed as stolen.

☆ Turning enemy damage to full white in settings can really help if struggling to see or keep track of attacks.

☆ One can set one's status to "Offline" if one does not want to receive whispers in PUG's or other activities.

☆ Don't throw your treasure maps, they can give you motif leads for ancestral motifs.

☆ You can get a very quick and easy skeleton polymorph by doing a few quests. Here is a quick guide to obtain it right now. skeleton polymorph is popular in trials specifically because it removes the display of all other cosmetics. This results in higher FPS and smoother control of your character for actions like light weaving.


☆ When doing scyring make sure to use you're scrying tool to point you in the direction of the dig site (assign it to your quick bar). You would be surprised by how many don't know this.
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  • aaisoaho
    I found Northpoint, Rivenspire to be a better location than Khenarthi's Roost to kill animals. You can do laps in Northpoint, and it has plenty of animals, more than in Khenarthi's Roost. The animals are also varied, sheep, chicken, cows...
  • phaneub17_ESO
    There are two dozen locked chest spawns in the northwest corner of grahtwood, between the orc stronghold and the bandit tower. Get friendly with the bandits via quest and you can farm quite a bit with little trouble.
  • Ilumia
    Another great location for leveling legerdemain is the apple orchards near Belkarth in Craglorn :) And there's an outlaws refuge right there for extra convenience.
  • MaleAmazon

    -Web pages you need to put in your favourites: UESP, eso-sets, xynodegaming.

    -Get the map pins addon, and a minimap addon.

    -On new characters, make sure you get fighters guild, mages guild, undaunted and, most importantly, do the psijic guild questline until you get to Breaches on the Bay - once you acquire the actual skilline you can see breaches which contain useful stuff like aurbic amber.

    -Research items early even if you think you´ll never craft anything. Often, you are wrong. You also need it for transmute. The '2 items at once' is early on, and it´s only the last few traits that take a long time.

    -Save your CP 160 Coward´s Gear so you can put it on a character later, to run around and farm surveys and nodes.

    -Turn off double-tap for dodging, and remap it to a single hotkey (I use shift and have my pinky on it at all times). Trust me, it´s a game changer.

    -Also, remap bash to RMB and remap block to 'RMB + LMB'. I have it on ctrl also so I can block-bash, and RMB on a dedicated tank. But usually, the bash is better off being a fast-response single click, and block can be holding both buttons. It does have the side effect of getting an 'accidental' bash or light attack in, but I have not found this to be a problem.

    -Another remap I recommend, ultimates on 'Q' - unless it´s werewolf transformation. In which case, you want the hotkey to be far, far away from where your hand usually is on the keyboard. Learned the accidental detransition lesson the hard way.

    -In addition to the above, I personally have sprint on '5'. Seems awkward, but the thing is when you sprint you cannot do anything else, so having it remain on shift ties up one easy-reached hotkey better used for something else.

    -Don´t farm too much. It drains enjoyment. There´s so much content that you can level up doing fun stuff.

    -Here´s how to faketank properly (calm down everyone): Be a high level and be good at the game (important), slot inner fire or puncture, get a full Warrior-poet set (easy to buy or get from Morrowind, and you get an infused breastplate for doing the questline). If you need to, combo with Green Pact which is also overland (Grahtwood) and very solid. Then do normal dungeons. I don´t advocate faketanking if you are not sure you can do it, but it can be done comfortably on an otherwise-DD, even DLC, with enough CP and knowledge of the mechanics. Also, you help the poor DDs get a random daily.

    -When doing IC, have Alliance health draughts (buy in Cyrodiil) that give you invisibility ready, to get away from gankers. Just remember that sprinting takes you out of stealth. (Another lesson learned the wrong way.)

    Try to learn which skills you can cast through an intact block, and which ones that you cast that take you out of stealth and which ones don´t.

    -DPS ain´t nothin´ but a number.
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  • DinoZavr
    some comments if you please:

    - Artaeum provisioning recipes are bound, so you need them only once per character.
    - Ancestral motifs dug from base game zones are common and sold for like 2.5K .. 3K a page, so not a big money maker
    - persistent "Offline" status will make you kicked from the Guilds for permanent inactivity
    PC EU
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