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Leaderboards - What?

My wife and I were casually browsing the Ravenwatch NA-PC leaderboards when we notice our first oddity. My currently ranked character is going by it's pre-name-change-name. Okay, wierd, but not crazy, I just changed the name 7-14 days ago.

That's when we noticed something totally out of whack. Her ranked character is labeled as one of her deleted characters from ages ago. I asked her, are you sure you deleted it? Then it hit me, of course she did. She got emp sub-50 on the new one, and never PVPed on the old one...

So that begs the question. What is going on with the leaderboards?
  • Necrotech_Master
    my understanding is that it wont change the value on the leaderboard

    so in the example of a name change, it will still use the old character name until the leaderboards are refreshed

    the issue is more obvious on less often reset leaderboards (such as your personal best vet trial or solo arena scores), but you should notice the name change on say one of the leaderboards that resets weekly (weekly trial, weekly solo arena, etc)

    the emp leaderboard works the same way, it will only reflect the changes after the campaign ends and a new campaign starts

    im not entirely sure what is going on in your wifes case though, but it could be a similar issue if its a really slow reset leaderboard (like the alliance one in the leaderboards menu)
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  • kypranb14_ESO
    The character she deleted was AT LEAST 6 months ago, probably closer to a year! That would be crazy if this was normal...
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