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Parse Dummy Taking Damage on Respawn

Has anyone else had issues where, after killing a Parse Dummy, it respawns while DOTs are still ticking, resulting in it immediately taking damage? I haven't been able to verify which DOTs are doing the damage, but I suspect it's the ground target AOEs or my Domihaus proc.
  • virtus753
    Yes, but I don’t think it’s a bug. When you damage something, it takes damage and puts you in combat. That’s working as intended. It’s just a major pain the reset period is so short it doesn’t leave time for those DoTs to run out.

    It’s quite unfortunate that there are dots we cannot reposition, like those targeted ground AoEs (e.g. Stampede) and proc set effects. The only workaround is not to recast them in the last few seconds of the fight, which can be very hard to control with proc sets especially.

    I think it would be a good QoL feature to lengthen the reset timer on the dummy. I think it would be a smaller inconvenience than the dummy getting back into combat so often, especially since the owner of the home can reset it on demand if in a hurry.
  • Necrotech_Master
    yeah its definitely ground based aoes, because the respawn period of the dummy is maybe a few seconds, and most of those ground dots still last around 10-15 seconds
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