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I would like to suggest for a furnishing all of the known Crafting Stations for the house be added to the Crown Store for a decent price. I see them acting similar to the normal Crafting Stations, but with the option to research more items with "MAYBE" half the time, but with the drawback of being denied usage to craft daily writs. I know this maybe a bit out there in terms of ideas. I think we can all agree that for a new player / character the research of items can get daunting to say the least especially when it starts getting into the multiple weeks aspect when you've decided to improperly use up the Research boost for an instant results for your first few research endeavors, but this could be a possible option that I know may not be added to the game in this form. As for the option to have multiple Researches going on in the same bench I see it being a +1, or maybe +2 to the amount of items you could already research to be balanced. I know I've got multiple of the same specialty items from doing the Welenkin Abyssal Geyser multiple times over that I would love to learn to free up some inventory space, but that is just me to be honest.

I think if this idea does get added that it costs a decent amount of crowns to buy in the furnishing tab since it wouldn't hurt to have it as an option for players to craft personal items. The reason for the drawback in the form of denying the ordeal of crafting the daily writs is so players actually have to use the public crafters for the writs to allow for the multiple research slots for their progress in making powerful items for either themselves or for their guild mates. The possibilities for this to become real is very slim but I would like to know that I'm not the only one who thinks this idea isn't to out there to begin with. Feel free to leave your thoughts on this topic down below.
  • everseeing_njpreub18_ESO
    They have instant research things don't they know, i get a ton of them from the daily rewards. I think they remove a day of research and you can use them often enough to cut the time i think basically in half.

  • katanagirl1
    I don’t know, but this sort of sounds like “pay to win” to me.

    EDIT: I know there are research scrolls for crowns already, and I never really thought about them as pay to win, so I cannot say for sure why I think differently about this. Maybe because you could get multiple uses out of this if I understand correctly.
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  • Surragard
    I’m not sure if I’m understanding but isn’t the answer to this just research scrolls? They’re given out a ton as rewards and I’ve banked a bunch of them. I do not recall if they are bound but if not they could be dumped in a guild bank to help new ones layers.
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