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Access Code, Login Problems in SOME areas

Soul Shriven
I've recently been getting the prompt when logging into the game itself that I need an access code. This has only happened to me previously with a new BIOS or some major hardware change which makes sense Today, I have got one this morning after no change and waited 45 min, no email. Canceled the prompt, tried again and logged in right away without a new code prompt. Never got an email from the first attempt. Get dropped from the server, log in again, rinse and repeat though I waited 2 seconds, not 45 minutes. Go to submit a ticket. Can't submit a ticket because it says my login isn't correct. But I can log in to my account via game and online to update my subscription. Just not to submit a ticket, even if I was already logged in on the Account page. Come here "LOGIN INVALID" ... reset password, here we are.

What the heck are you all doing with your junk validations and account problems? Clearly by the forum posts, it is a YOU problem, not a player problem.
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  • BergisMacBride
    Starting experiencing this same problem today on both of my accounts. Was able to get into my main account after a few tries but still get the pop up for access code on my mule account. Never received the code email for either account and can’t login.

    Something’s definitely changed, ZOS. Whatever it is, this isn’t working.
  • Hoghorn
    i don't bother with the email code, i just shut the game and launcher down, retry, and the game starts fine.
  • BergisMacBride
    Hoghorn wrote: »
    i don't bother with the email code, i just shut the game and launcher down, retry, and the game starts fine.

    That worked with my main account yesterday. Hasn't worked at all with my alt account. Even restarted the computer to try. Have a ticket going now but I'm not optimistic that will work either.

    I've also done all the usual things to make sure the email is working correctly (checked all folders, spam, sent test email, etc...) - no issues there. The email just isn't being sent at all, that's the problem. Either the system is giving erroneous access code messages and not sending the email or maybe their system doing it is backlogged and needs to be restarted.
  • ZOS_Icy

    Because there is a thread already open on this topic, we're going to close this one down so that all feedback can be consolidated in one place. You may continue the discussion here.

    Thank you for your understanding.
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