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Is ZOS ever going to consider team vs team PvP?

I have been thinking about how PvP content could be expanded and I thought about a team vs team setting. I know it's probably not a new idea for this group. I was think of a setting of two forts or ruins. The map would be large enough to create a challenge and the terrain would include tunnels, caves, and other hiding places for ambushes, etc. The number of participants could go from 1 to as many as the players want. The objectives would be a choice from what exists now in the Alliance War and Battlegrounds, but would also include a new additional choice. Rewards should be available for the winners.

  • xylena_lazarow
    Should've been in the game from the start, competitive players in this game need to be able to go against players in their own league, not run in circles griefing casuals inside towers or keep roofs for hours on end.
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  • NordSwordnBoard
    Sounds like... repeatable content! Being able to do custom duels in an instance like housing would be great. 2v3 4v4 etc
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  • DirtyDeeds765
    I've been saying this for years. You can 1v1. You can small scale pvp - battlegrounds. You can large scale pvp - cyrodiil.

    We need a medium scale PVP - 12 v 12 or 12 v 12 v 12.

    Custom duels would be cool too - whatever you want up to 12 v 12, wherever you want.

  • Amottica
    I think BGs need to be XvX with a revamp of the design of each match type. That is what needs to happen.
  • Elendir2am
    Do you have any idea how many players would be interested in such a model? My experience from Cyrodiil show, that majority of organized groups wish easy and fast farming of AP.

    You can see how ball-groups avoid each other in all 3 alliance battles. They farm in their own sector and keep distance from sector, where other ball-group farm. Weak ball-groups are sitting at keep resources, killing few randomers.

    Organized group, which attack ball-group exist, but they aren't common.
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  • fleetingyouth_ESO
    There was a battleground mode in Rift I miss. I forget what its called Ive seen it in FPS's too.

    One team defends a point the other team is on offense. If the defense team fails to defend they fall back to a second and third point. Essentially the goal being the offense team to push to the 3rd point and the defense team to defend as much ground as they can. Scores are determined by the amount of progress in either direction.

  • alternatelder
    We already have team vs team, purple vs yellow. Green vs red.
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