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How to view total number of ranked players?

Hi guys,

I haven't been able to find the total number of ranked ToT players on PS5 version.

I can see the top 100, but it doesn't highlight what the total ranked player pool is.

If anyone knows a way to find out, please let me know :)

Would be cool if ZOS could add how many you're ranked against when it updates your rank on the ToT activity finder screen. For example, 'Rank: 140/8000', instead of just 'Rank: 140'.

  • Necrotech_Master
    sadly that is how all of the leaderboards work, you see the top 100, and your own ranking

    trial, arena, BG, and cyrodiil emperor leaderboards work the same way, can only see top 100 and your own personal ranking
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  • Amottica
    I will go out on a limb and say we will not know the total ranked players ever since it is not available now. It would show the health of that portion of the game or specific campaigns Cyrodiil.
  • r.433nrb18_ESO
    Ah, that's a shame.

    So, you believe they don't show the total player pool because they don't want to indicate which game modes are popular/unpopular at the time?

    I understand the logic behind it, but it kind of sucks for the people who would like to know what rank they need to achieve to get into the top 10%, or 2%, etc.

    Cheers for clarifying guys.
  • Treeshka
    There is no exact way to guess how many people are in Rubedite rank other than actually getting into first ten percent ranking.

    Since game shows your exact percentage and you can see your exact ranking in leaderboard menu. With these two variables one can calculate the exact players.
  • fleetingyouth_ESO
    There is an addon for PC that shows you the rank/player position.

    However, I don't know if there are multiple hidden ladders based on skill. The ladder I am in says out of 800. I know in other pvp ladder systems that is often how it works, so everyone is not in one large pool.
  • SeaGtGruff
    I know they must use a "multiple hidden ladders" system (I've never heard it called that before) in another card game I like to play-- Microsoft Solitaire Collection-- which has events where you compete against other players to see who can complete all of the solitaire games in the event in the quickest amount of time. I started an event the other day but then got distracted by something and didn't complete any of the games in that event, so my score for the event was 0 and I came in last-- I was in 50th place out of 50 players, and I'm sure there must have been a lot more than 50 people around the world in the event.
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