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Suddently Ping issues 999+

Soul Shriven
I played all day mostly without problems no ping issues and no problem with interacting with the game!
I have Reset my router, repair the game, disabled addons i tried literally everything.! I never had issues ever since my new setup and 1000/1000 Mbit connection..

Can you plz check if you can see what is the issue, i had to give up my raid lead and had to find ppl for to stand in for me so i didnt let down the whole group.. They have no issues at all.. :(
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    Soul Shriven

    Same problem again tonight i tried everything just like last night, earlier it worked perfectly i had no issues earlier at all..
    I Tried other games and no lag at all..
    Again i had to miss out on my prog group, literally no reason to play the game anymore.. sadly because i really like it and the community...

    Plz fix..!
  • davidtk
    That could be almost everything on the route from your router to the server what you playing.
    Check traceroute for hop latences.

    Ping issues are mostly traffic problem not game itself. Your ISP can have some problems too, some server on the middle of the data way to the game server can have problems and can be affected only eso because other things will have different "way".

    Btw your speed test only showing your speed to the nearest server, so it shows only that your own connection is good. Others games will have different route to theirs game servers.
    Edited by davidtk on December 13, 2022 9:19PM
    Really sorry for my english
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    Soul Shriven
    Hello and ty for reply, i put my connection speed up so ppl didnt need to worry that i had slow internet..

    Pathping: have 18 hops i dont want to post IP's for many reasons

    Tracing: 26ms again not posting IP's

    I had my ISP changing my IP from NAT to Public and that changed it a bit still have some stutter and a bit higher ping than normal.!

    I could try Port Forwarding but my router settings seems wierd compared to what it was when i was a kid..
    Also im unsure which DNS i should set my system to would googles DNS be fine..?
  • davidtk
    Hi, google should be fine, I used it for a while too.

    Anyway high ping is weird if it affect only one online game. I dont remember exactly how much hops I have but i think that is about 13-15 for EU (more with higher katency on some hops for NA). For EU server and have ping about 60. On the NA have something between 120-300, spikes are up to 500 but most of the time is good about 120.

    I can remember two weird issues with ESO what i had before...
    First was weird disconnects from the game. Could be even 5 in one hour. For no reason.
    Then i just updated all drivers (mobo, network, even gpu) and disconnects was gone.

    Second was interesting. When me and wife tried to parse dummy or go to pvp in the same time.
    She was at one house alone with parse dummy, me was at my house at dummy, she started parse it was good and when I started parse after while, both of us get weird lags. So i changed router and problems was gone.

    I dont know on what server you playing, you can try ask in the zone chat when you will have high ping if anyone have similar or same problems.

    I am really sorry that i can't help.
    Really sorry for my english
  • ZOS_Bill
    Our help article linked below offers different troubleshooting you can try for latency issues while playing ESO.

    Latency / Lag - Technical Support - The Elder Scrolls Online
    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited - ZeniMax Online Studios
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