Browser Tokens not being sent

I've been trying for the past couple days to log in to the website to buy crowns during the sale and have not received the code needed to verify my login. I have used 3 different browsers, I have clicked the "Have not received code", I even danced the hokee pokee to see if that was what it was all about. Ok maybe not that last one BUT still I would very much like to buy things and I can not... Please help me.
Edited by ZOS_Bill on January 2, 2023 9:14PM
  • aneova_ESO
    Got it working and got flooded with codes when i did. Not sure why i still need a log in token every time i log in on the same browser on my home computer. Would be great if the "keep me logged in" option worked when checked.
  • ZOS_Bill
    Thanks for the update regarding your access code. As the OP has finally gotten the access code to login, we will go ahead and close this thread.
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