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Defeating Archdruid Orlaith

Tried 4 times, never got her under 480K hit points. Companion Isabel died pretty quickly. Was not able to revive her before I died.

I am playing a Warden (animal tree). I have one skill each with healing, cold armor, and dive. My primary attack is Silver shards. Second attack One Hand and Shield > Invasion .

Any tips would be appreciated.

(I really HATE when I get close to finishing a story line and cannot complete it :).
  • Daiyanae
    Same here. I tried 22 times. I was finally really enjoying the quest line too. I tried every way I could think of, different positions etc. Couldn't even get close.

    Just one more straw. ;(

  • Hotdog_23
    Try using your companion as a tank, but throw some heals their way.

    In harder parts of the game, it's important to remember to keep your healing overtime up as much as it is important to keep your DPS overtime time skills as well. You don't want all your heals to be a reactionary, but preventative too.

    You could also put a resto staff as your back bar weapon and use Grand Healing morph Illustrious Healing and Regeneration morph Radiating Regeneration.

    Good luck!
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