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Order"s Wrath not working in noCP / noProc

New craftable sets Order"s Wrath does not work in non champion point Cyrodiil.
The 8% Crit Damage and Crit Healing do not apply, the Critical Chance does.
This set has no proc condition and should work within the rule set.

It would be nice to have an in-game identifier or list of what sets work in the no proc rule set. Maybe on the gear set or in an easily accessible help page.

That would help with testing and know which sets work. Ignorring 2-4pc or bonus, only 5pc bonuses or "full set" bonuses.
  • BazOfWar
    No reply from Zos?

    We have very few sets to use in no proc cyrodiil as it is. Please fix
    Edited by BazOfWar on June 13, 2022 1:15PM
  • PvP_Exploiter
    There is also no place on PTS to test against the no proc campaign rule set.

    Otherwise I would have reported this during PTS.
  • olsborg
    Still not working? I wish all the sets that require food or drink to make the 5piece active would also work in nocp, would give us more room to build. Also adept rider should work in nocp , currently it does not.

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  • Jaxaxo
    @ZOS_GinaBruno any update on this? Ravenwatch set list is already small, so having sets that supposed to work actually work would be helpfull
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  • blktauna
    They still have not provided an actual list of what works and what doesn't. The player formed thread was being wrangled by someone who no longer has the time to do so.

    Why can't ZOS just generate the actual list?
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