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I've seen a few posts over the years for an in house teleport/portal and was wondering why we don't have one yet Zos? DO we have one and I've missed it somewhere? It could even be crown store and not craftable for all I care. I personally have a house with a huge tower that I'd like to step on a pad and zip be at the top. Would be GREAT to remove the stairway(I can never make it look right to me) and I know I can't be the only one with a situation like this.
  • Nestor
    I wonder if they can only make them work going from one instanced area to another....
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  • LikiLoki
    Moving inside the house is a sought-after function. I would also like to have a full-fledged Transitus Tamriel network shelter for movement, so that it would be easy to fly to other zones in the form of a piece of furniture. And it's also nice to be in a different place when you enter the house using a teleport, not next to the door, but wherever you want. In the Fallout game, there is a "mat for entering the house". He was changing the teleportation point to a house.
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