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'Infinite' minor breach

Was in a battle ground and got hit by minor breach and then died. This in itself is not unusual. The length of the minor breach was however...


A 136 year plus debuff must be some kind of record - and a bug. It cleared the second time I died.
  • Necrotech_Master
    the 47000 day debuff is not new lol, its been in a lot of pvp (mostly noticeable in cyro) for a few years now

    the main thing to keep in mind is generally if you get affected by this, the debuff is not actually applying to you, it appears to be mostly graphical

    the way ive heard it explained is that when the debuff is removed, possibly due to lag or some other issue, it is not actually hitting 0 on its timer but is triggering a integer overflow which is why it shows the like 40000+ day debuff

    ive been on runs in cyro where ive had 47000 day poison, burning, breach, and magickasteal debuffs on me, even though i was not actually taking any dmg from poison or burning, and my resistances were not debuffed by breach

    (ive seen some screenshots from others who had like 6+ burning debuffs at 47000 days duration lol)

    in cyro the easiest way to clear these display bugs is to use the cheesemonger hollow where you do the volendrung tutorial, but that is not always ideal if its prime time and the zone is full, for BGs it will likely clear itself when you exit the BG at the latest
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  • wookiefriseur
    Looks like you need a priest of Stendarr to cleanse that one.
  • screamingabdabs
    Perhaps the devs could implement a simple fix?

    If debuff_length > stupid_amount then debuff_length = 0

    Just a thought...
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