Install stalling - OS Ventura

Soul Shriven
I'm brand new to the game and online gaming in general so forgive me if this is a total newbie error.
When I try to install the game, nothing happens. That's basically it. I press the Install button and then an icon starts bouncing on the dock but then stops and nothing else happens.
Thanks for any troubleshooting help!

Computer Specs:
2019 iMac - Retina 5K
Processor: 3.7 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i5
Graphics: Radeon Pro 580X 8 GB
Storage: 2T
OS: Ventura
  • denisclairetneb18_ESO
    Zenimax have abandoned the Mac platform. Don't expect much.
  • Sloblo
    Soul Shriven
    Zenimax have abandoned the Mac platform. Don't expect much.

    Ha! Cool cool. Good time to get into the game.
  • Harold_Hedd
    Hi, it is not easy to help from afar - but I do hope you have searched other forums too.

    I am on a Mac mini M1 and a LG OLED TV monitor/screeen.

    I had no problems installing a few months ago when I was on BigSur.

    My installation folder is the Public folder, where the Elder Scrolls Online folder and the is located.

    But I do actually play from the Documents folder, where another Elder Scrols Online folder is located. This one coantains the live folder.

    Some times when you download a file from the internet and try to install it, the security settings is blocking it and you have to allow it from the privacy and security settings in the system settings.

    This isn't much help, but I do hate the other reply you got from an obvious tired person.
    The game runs fine on my set-up and God knows I have had my share of frustrations, but I guess it is 70% fun and 30% frustration, after I played for a couple of months and reached level 50 CP 50.
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