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LazyWrits with Controller UI

Anybody have any experience using LazyWrits with the controller UI on PC?

Everything works pretty well for me, but after I collect the rewards -- most of the time I get prompted to press a button to open the reward box and accept the contents. But occasionally, the addon just opens everything for me in my inventory with no other interaction required.

Is there a setting I'm missing somewhere to always engage the latter scenario? Or is this addon just generally a little buggy when using the controller UI? Or am I just experiencing something unique to me?
  • Baertram
    I think it's not a "bug" as the addon never said it's compatible with gamepad mode :D

    Addons created need to explicitly say they are gamepad mode compatible as the gamepad mode was added way later than the keyboard UI AND it it's totally using other API and UI and control elements (bascially you need to redo 90% of your UI code and even other code in the background if you want to add gamepad support as the total gamepad UI is completely technically working different than the keyboard mode!).

    If it's just a hint just ignore it, if all items are looted automatically properly.
    Else write a comment here please at best with a screenshot and detials how to reproduce the"bug" in steps from login to error/hint:

  • Jaimeh
    I've had that happen as well a couple of times, not sure if it was because of an incompatibility with the gamepad UI or my settings. Usually though, I loot the containers manually with no issues. The other buggy thing that I sometimes get is not being able to loot boxes or access the banker's inventory, and this gets resolved only when I dismiss the banker. Again it could be something wrong with my settings. Generally though I'd say the addon works pretty well on gamepad UI, I wish I had gotten it sooner in my game life :smile:
  • endgamesmug
    I just tweaked the settings for lazy writ crafter and after trial and error things are all good for me now, dont use the "deposit masterwrits/surveys" its really random and prevents you from using the banker half the time.
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