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Certain players unable to see circle during flight phase in Castle Thorn consistently

Dear ZOS,

The healer in one of my HM groups is unable to see the circle for the final boss on Castle Thorn. What settings or addons need to be enabled/disabled in order for the circle to be visible? I tried to google this answer but it's more the same of people saying it's not visible, and ZOS saying they fixed it but that they didn't.

I should add that this healer has been saying this same statement since I've gotten to know them (since U35) so the bug has been present through at least two patches for this player.
Edited by Dr_Con on November 19, 2022 5:19AM
  • fizl101
    I'm on console and have the circle disappear a few seconds into the fight, so it may not be an addon issue
    Soupy twist
  • endgamesmug
    The last time i went through that on vet on a new account, the circle just didnt move at all. It was very strange and annoying, and i wondered why the others were wandering around in the dark. When i think about it they probably were getting the moving circle and from my view it just glitched. Ive seen comments on the forums that this is a bug that hasnt been fixed.
  • Dr_Con
    It's a bit worrisome that someone reported it happening on console too, I was hoping it was endemic to PC, but clearly it's cross-platform.

    @ZOS_GinaBruno @ZOS_Kevin I won't ask for an ETA on the fix but I feel more people will notice and voice complaints as the event cycle continues since this dungeon has double drops.

    This player has done many Castle Thorn attempts and has gotten the bug each time. Would mind if I put you in touch with the player so you can possibly collect some system or user data to get to the bottom of this glitch?

    They happen to be a forum user too, so getting in contact won't be hard.
  • ksbrugh
    This has been a bug for at least a year now on Xbox. Whenever it's a random I just quit and back out letting the group know why I'm quitting and backing out.
  • BahometZ
    Yet another long time issue, reported many times, not bothered being fixed.
    No idea if ZOS have ever acknowledged it, or intend on fixing it, content that we pay for.
    Add it to the pile.
    Pact Magplar - Max CP (NA XB)
  • QuietPanda_22
    This is still an issue on PS. We ran the dungeon last night on vet and one of our group members was unable to see the circle. She made sure to stay beside us to circumvent the issue but hopefully this is fixed.
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